About the Chamber

Rye and District Chamber of CommerceThe Rye Chamber of Trade was established in 1948.

In 2004, the Rye & District Chamber of Commerce (a company limited by guarantee) was formed to represent the needs of more than just the Rye traders, but all local business. In addition, we expanded our geographical coverage to include all business in the locality that supports Rye.

The Chamber is part of a national association of Chambers of Commerce linking ultimately through to the British Chamber of Commerce. Our immediate chain of command is through 1066 Enterprise, who represents the interests of Rye, Battle and Hastings Chambers. The Chamber has one representative on the 1066 Enterprise Board.

The Chamber works very closely with the Hotel & Caterers Association (HOTCATs) to ensure that all aspects of the business community within Rye are represented and supported.

The Chamber has representatives at its meetings from the Rye Town Council and Rother District Council. The representatives allow for an exchange of information between the Chamber and the two councils, and vice versa.

The Chamber works with a number of local interest groups, including the Rye Marketing Group. This Group receives and collects funds to promote Rye by way of a variety of marketing initiatives. The Chamber was one of the founder members of this Group and remains an integral part of its activities. The Chamber has two representatives on the Rye Marketing Group.

Other interest groups include:

  • MLAG – Marsh Link Action Group – a group actively seeking improvements to the rail transport links between Hastings, Rye and Ashford. The Chamber has one representative on MLAG.
  • LAT – a group set up to liaise between the Town and the police and other law enforcement agencies to help keep Rye safe. The Chamber has one representative on LAT.

The Chamber is also responsible for a number of other initiatives that are undertaken in the Town, some of which are listed below, with further details held elsewhere within the website:

  • Cardboard recycling
  • Glass recycling
  • Green bag scheme
  • Car park refund scheme
  • Rye Christmas Festival
  • Rye Food Festival (Chamber are now responsible for the delivery of this important festival from October 2010)
  • Rye Scallop Festival (Chamber are now responsible for the delivery of this important festival from February 2011)
  • Rye Car Cruise
  • Radio Scheme
  • Seagull management